This page describes how to download and save Yamaha keyboard style files at the computer.

Yamaha keyboard style files are MIDI files, but with some additional non-MIDI data interleaved.

Therefore, when downloading style files the computer system suggests saving style files as MIDI files.

To save style files with the original file extension (e.g. "sty") select "All Files (*.*)" when saving.

Otherwise the example style below will be saved as "amazgraze.sty.mid".

Select All Files

If style files have been saved with the erroneous ".mid" file extension; my Style File Renamer software can rename single files; or entire folders containing style files.

Another method is to rename the style file in Windows Explorer.

However the default option in Windows Explorer is to hide file extensions, which makes it hard to localize the style files.

Therefore, change this (to my opinion: foolish) default option in Windows Explorer like this:

Open Windows Explorer -> Open the 'Tools' menu -> Open the 'Folder Options' sub-menu -> Select the 'View' Tab

and you will see this:

Show file extensions

• Locate "Hide extensions for known file types"
• Make sure it is NOT checked.
• Save by clicking the OK-button

Once done, Windows Explorer will always show file extensions.

• Now locate the file(s) to rename
• Right-click the file(s) and select "Rename"

Note 1: Valid file extensions for Style files are: "sty"; "pst"; "pcs"; "sst"; "prs"; "bcs"; and "fps".
Note 2: Some older / smaller keyboards require "sty" file extensions. And only one extension; e.g. NOT: "mystyle.123.sty".