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Latest Newsletter

6 January 2018

Welcome to the January 2018 Newsletter from "The Unofficial Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site".

Editor's notes

This newsletter covers the period from the last newsletter (September 10, 2017).
In the last two and a half months my main activity has been software development and maintenance.

Three new Software Programs:
• 'Song Books Manager' for managing songs and song books; to search for songs and for opening song books. More
• 'Revo Drum Cleaner' for cleaning / remapping Revo drums in Yamaha Style files - first introduced in styles for Genos. More
• 'Style Intro 4 and Ending 4' for activating the for many years "hidden" style parts 'Intro 4' and 'Ending 4'. More

Updated Software Programs:
All my 41 software programs have been updated.
• Compatibility with Genos, DGX 660 and CVP 509 plus the PSR-E; PSR-EW; PSR-i and YPT series
• "scp" style files support
• "Hidden" style parts support - see above
• Improved logging
• Added file type input filters
• Minor UI changes
• Minor bugs fixed
• etc.
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Added a new Page:
'Current Issues' about problems installing and using my software programs; as well as the use of this site.
If you encounter any problem, check this page in the first place.
At the moment these issues:
• Issue #7: Windows protected your PC
• Issue #6: AVG reports false positive
• Issue #5: About conversion
• Issue #4: Searching for "javaw.exe" file
• Issue #3: The Norton / Symantec WS.Reputation.1 False Positive
• Issue #2: Using Internet Explorer
• Issue #1: Help - I need data
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Added a number of links:
• Links to 4 new Resources sites, listed here
• Links to 3 new Docs-Specs sites, listed here
• Links to 3 new Music sites, listed here
• Additional links to Style sites, MIDI Files sites, Music Software sites and much more...
More information are to be found at The Unofficial Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site and at More News from 2018.

This site has now reached more than 9,750,000 visits. And the number of visits increased close to 10 % in 2017 compared to 2016.

Thanks for your support through more than 18 years!

Now - once again - I ask you to help me secure the future existence, development and maintenance of my web site, my software, my articles and my styles.
I pay most expenses (web site hosting; software development tools; keyboard etc.) from my own pocket.
Thanks in advance. And thanks to the donors so far. More at the Support Page

Comments and suggestions to the site content are most welcome!