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Latest Newsletter

10 September 2017

Welcome to the September 2017 Newsletter from "The Unofficial Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site".

Editor's notes

This newsletter covers the period from the last newsletter (January 11, 2017).

This site has now reached more than 9,500,000 visits. Thanks for your support through almost 18 years!

And while waiting for the new Yamaha TOTL model here are something that might be interesting to you!

A number of links have been added to the site:
• Links to 7 new Sheet Music sites, listed here
• Links to a number of Android App software programs, listed here
• Link to an Android App programming resource, listed here
• Additional links to Resource sites, Style sites, Music Software sites, Programming and much more...

More information are to be found at The Unofficial Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site and at More News from 2017.

Updating to Windows 10 problem

For some yet unknown reason the midi2style program - and perhaps other software programs - will not start at computers which have been updated to Windows 10.

However, this problem will not occur at new Windows 10 installations.

The problem can be solved by deleting the initializing file - midi2style.ini.

This file is typically located in the C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\jososoft\ folder.

After deletion of this file, the program will most probably start.

I am investigating this problem, but have not yet found the cause!


For a complete update of my software programs, I need a lot of data. Most can be found in the manuals; but some data is not public.

Therefore I need assistance from keyboard owners to reveal the secret and hidden data.

Read more about the data I am searching here.

Using Internet Explorer

If you use one of the newest versions of Internet Explorer for viewing The Unofficial Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site you will NOT see all content at the pages unless you allow scripts to run at your page.

My site use JavaScript to generate common content: Page header (incl. the menu system and the translation service) and page footer (incl. "Tip of the Day" and "Software of the Day"); and in rare cases some of the content too, e.g. My MIDI Sites.

The JavaScript is 100 % harmless, I guarantee. So come on, allow scripts, and you will get the full experience of browsing The Unofficial Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site.

The Norton / Symantec WS.Reputation.1 False Positive

Some users of my programs have received a warning from their Norton program. This program evaluates software based on user feedback.

My programs do not get much feedback; and therefore assess Norton my programs as unknown - and potentially dangerous.

Norton does not even test the software, they just judge it as potentially dangerous. In my eyes it is not a particularly serious behavior from Norton's side.

Read more here and please, test my programs at McAfee SiteAdvisor or at VirusTotal


Now - once again - I ask you to help me secure the future existence, development and maintenance of my web site, my software, my articles and my styles.

I pay most expenses (web site hosting; software development tools; keyboard etc.) from my own pocket.

Thanks in advance. And thanks to the donors so far. More at the Support Page

Comments and suggestions to the site content are most welcome!