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Latest Newsletter

10 September 2020

Welcome to the September 2020 Newsletter from "The Unofficial Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site".

Editor's notes

This newsletter covers the period from the last newsletter (October 1, 2019).
In the last year my main activity has been software development and maintenance.

Four new Software Programs:
These programs are small utility programs doing rather specific jobs.
Style Add Copyright - Add or change Copyright notice in style files.
Style MFD Extract - Get song titles vs. style numbers from Music Finder data files.
Style Voice Change - Change style voices one-by-one or in batch.
MIDI Out Setup - Set up MIDI device for playback.

Updated Software Programs:
• All my software programs have been updated to .Net Framework version 4 or Java Runtime Environment version 8 respectively.
• 7 software programs have been updated to compatibility with PSR S975/S775; PSR SX900/SX700/SX600; PSR E463/E373; PSR EW410/EW310; PSR i500; PSR A350; and YPT 370
• 6 software programs have been updated for various reasons

Added a number of links:
• Links to 4 new Yamaha specific software sites, listed here
• Links to 4 new Yamaha style files sites, listed here
• Links to 3 new Yamaha keyboard forums, listed here
• Links to 5 new Music software sites, listed here
• Links to 5 new Danish Music sites, listed here
• And much more...

More information are to be found at The Unofficial Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site; at More News from 2019; and at More News from 2020.

This site contains the most complete collection of Yamaha keyboard related resources worldwide.
The entire content in the site - more than 150 pages - is accessible form the Site Map.

This site has now reached more than 11,150,000 visits.
Thanks for your support through almost 21 years!

Now - once again - I ask you to help me secure the future existence, development and maintenance of my web site, my software, my articles and my styles.
I pay most expenses (web site hosting; software development tools; keyboard etc.) from my own pocket.
Thanks in advance. And thanks to the donors so far. More at the Support Page

Comments and suggestions to the site content are most welcome!