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April 17

All links at the site have been checked; and 'dead' links have been removed.

April 2

Added to Styles page

Style 4 Keyboard

Added to Songwriting page

rhyme desk

March 21

Added to Ins Files page

Ins file for DGX 660. Thanks to BillyBob!

March 4

Added to Resources page

Samples Internos PSR-sX70

February 15

Added to Fakebooks - Sheets page

Various Sheets

toto1974 Sheets

Added to Songwriting page

UK Copyright Law

February 11

Added to My Articles page

Import and Use Ins Files

February 2

Updated software

File Organizer (ver. 1.4)

January 31

Added to Fakebooks - Sheets page

Music Library

January 28

Added to Fakebooks - Sheets page

1000+ songbooks

January 20

Updated article:

HP_MIDIFILE.dll in C# and VB.Net

January 12

The January 2017 Newsletter has been mailed to all subscribers.

If you have NOT got your copy - caused by e.g. database errors, transmission errors, server downtime or too aggressive spam filters - then go to Newsletter and add your mail address. Then the Newsletter will be resend.

Added to Fakebooks - Sheets page

January 10

Added to Styles and Resources pages

Sound-ABC - Sounds and Styles

Updated software

Backing Track (ver. 1.1)

Music Finder File Manager (ver. 1.24)

January 8

Added to Resources page

Service Manuals for keyboards etc.