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December 11

Added to Software 1 page

Genos Playlist Worker

Added to Styles page

Camaro Styles


December 6

Added to Software 2 page

Yamaha Software - German site Song List

Added to Chords-Patterns page

Chord Software - German site Learn Chord

December 4

As I apparently have been permanently banned from, I have removed this forum from the Forums page.

November 30

Added to Resources page

CMS Sounds

November 27

Added to Programming page

API for PDF Reader pdf

November 21

Added to Music software 2 page

November 20

Added to Danish Music page

Lars Lilholt Band Noder m.m.

November 17

Updated software - Initializing error corrected

midi2style (ver. 6.13)

Documentation pages to most software programs have been updated.

November 6

Added to Yamaha page

Yamaha Song Books

Added to Styles page

Keyboard - Downloads Yamaha

October 30

Added to Resources page

YPT Videos

October 27

Added to Music Software 1 page


Re-added 2 forums to Forums page

October 26

Minor cosmetic updates all over the site.

October 25

Added to Software 1 page

YEM Content Explorer

My Play List

October 22

Added to Software 2 page

Yamaha SOL: XG Works, SQ01, VST etc.

October 17

Some old and/or obsolete links removed.

Added 2 pdf documents to Articles Section

Keyboard Tricks and Programming

Updated 4 pdf documents in this section:

Style Creation Course - Style Reference - MIDI Reference and Software Support

October 6

Added to Styles page

PSM Styles and Voice

Added to Fakebooks-Sheets page

Y K K Wiki Music Sheets

September 18

Added to Styles page

FAbio styles

Many obsolete or invalid links removed.

September 13

Short cuts to java software programs might be broken. More.

Added to Forums page

The Musicians Arena

Added to Resources page

Organaut registrations

Added to Docs-Specs page

Beginner's Guide to DSP

June 18

This site has reached 10,000,000 visits since the start at Oct 22 1999. Thanks for the support!

June 17

Added to Ins Files page

Genos ins file.

May 10

Added to Ins Files page

PSR A3000 ins file.

February 3

Added to Ins Files page

PSR S770 ins file. Thanks Dietmar

January 24

Added to Forums page

Synth Zone Yamaha Arranger

January 19

Updated software - MIDI file support etc.

Revo Drum Cleaner (ver. 2.3)

Updated software - CVP 509 data bugs fixed.

Music Finder File Manager (ver. 1.27)

January 18

Updated software - Remap all Drum Kit types.

Revo Drum Cleaner (ver. 2.2)

January 9

Added to Ins Files page

Genos ins file. Thanks Siggi

PSR S670 ins file. Thanks Alexandru

January 6 - 10

The January 2018 Newsletter has been mailed to all subscribers. Read Newsletter.

January 5

Some old and/or obsolete links removed. Redirected links corrected.

January 2

Updated software - Support for PSR E353/343/333/323/313/303; and YPT 420/410/340/330/320/310/300.

CASM Editor (ver. 1.42)

midi2style (ver. 6.12)

MIDI Revoicer (ver. 1.43)

OTS Editor (ver. 2.40)

OTS Viewer (ver. 1.20)

Style Revoicer (ver. 1.43)

Voice Finder (ver. 1.40)

January 1

Updated software - Support for CVP 509 - Thanks Mark!

Music Finder File Manager (ver. 1.26)

Updated software - No new features.

MIDI Note Event Cleaner (ver. 1.8)

Style Volume Changer (ver. 1.8)

Style Split and Splice (ver. 1.9)