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February 3

Added to Ins Files page

PSR S770 ins file. Thanks Dietmar

January 24

Added to Forums page


Synth Zone Yamaha Arranger

January 19

Updated software - MIDI file support etc.

Revo Drum Cleaner (ver. 2.3)

Updated software - CVP 509 data bugs fixed.

Music Finder File Manager (ver. 1.27)

January 18

Updated software - Remap all Drum Kit types.

Revo Drum Cleaner (ver. 2.2)

January 9

Added to Ins Files page

Genos ins file. Thanks Siggi

PSR S670 ins file. Thanks Alexandru

January 6 - 10

The January 2018 Newsletter has been mailed to all subscribers. Read Newsletter.

January 5

Some old and/or obsolete links removed. Redirected links corrected.

January 2

Updated software - Support for PSR E353/343/333/323/313/303; and YPT 420/410/340/330/320/310/300.

CASM Editor (ver. 1.42)

midi2style (ver. 6.12)

MIDI Revoicer (ver. 1.43)

OTS Editor (ver. 2.40)

OTS Viewer (ver. 1.20)

Style Revoicer (ver. 1.43)

Voice Finder (ver. 1.40)

January 1

Updated software - Support for CVP 509 - Thanks Mark!

Music Finder File Manager (ver. 1.26)

Updated software - No new features.

MIDI Note Event Cleaner (ver. 1.8)

Style Volume Changer (ver. 1.8)

Style Split and Splice (ver. 1.9)