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OTS Editor is a software for displaying voice and multipad settings in OTS sections in Yamaha keyboard style files.

The program will list - and save to a HTML file - the selected voices and multipads in the OTS section of all style files in a user selected folder and - if desired - the subfolders to this folder.

Select menu File | Open Folder, which will open a File Dialog showing Folders only. In this File Dialog select a style SOURCE folder.

Set Folder and Save options.
- If "Include Sub Folders" is selected the program will save a list in each folder automatically.
- If "Include Sub Folders" is NOT selected the user can choose between automatic save (as above) or get a Save Dialog. Now the file can be named as you like and saved anywhere.

Select keyboard model and press button 'Go'
Reading the style files and generating the list will start automatically. When finished the User Interface will show "Done".

Keyboard Model Choice
Selecting the right Keyboard Model will prevent errors in displaying voice and multipad settings.