To get the best of your keyboard and music production some knowledge about features and standards are necessary.

A lot of interesting documents covering MIDI, XG, XF, and SysEx are found at this page.

My Articles and My Software

Style Creation Course pdf

Style Reference pdf

MIDI Reference pdf

Software Support pdf


MIDI Manufacturers Association

MIDI Basics

OSS Programmer's Guide

German Site ZeM College - MIDI Kompendium

German Site Die MIDI-Steuerung

MIDI Tutorials - Discussions

General MIDI System Level 1 (1998) pdf

General MIDI System Level 2 (1999) pdf

How To Use MIDI in 2020: Beginners Hack


XG Creative Synthesis: #1 - #2 - #3

Introduction Yamaha XG

An Introduction to XG (1.02 1995) pdf

XG Specifications (2.00 2001) pdf

XG Specifications (1.32 1998) pdf

XG Format Specification (1.26 1996) pdf

Yamaha XG Specification (1.23 1996) pdf

XG GuideBook (1998) pdf

XG GuideBook (1.04 1996) pdf

Recom. for XG Song Data (2.00 1999) pdf

XG Music Data Recom. (1.03 1995) pdf

XG Interactive Online Help (2.3 1996) pdf

XG Xtra 1995-96 8 pdf's in a zip


XF Format Specs (2.01 1999) pdf

Recom. for XF Song Data (1.01 1999) pdf

Score to XF MIDI (from David Das) pdf

System Exclusive Messages (SysEx)

The Beggar's SysEx Guide pdf

Tyros - Undocumented SysEx

Changing Effects using SysEx

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Beginner's Guide to DSP