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A PDF viewer which can be operated from the Numeric Key Pad only.

This program requires Acrobat Reader ver.7 or higher installed at the computer. Get it from here.

The user interface in this program is an Acrobat Reader window where all menus, toolbars, etc. have been removed. Only the text field left!

To navigate the viewer only the numeric keypad is required which in some situations is desirable.

E.g. the gigging musician who use a computer screen to display sheet music will feel comfortable using only a numeric keyboard to operate this.

The keys at the normal keyboard ( figures 0-9; / * + - ) can be used for navigation as well.

Guide: How to connect and setup a Foot Switch to operate this program.
The view can be modified in several ways

Tyros 2 and a (hidden) computer with screen and a numeric key pad attached.

Tyros 2

Tyros 2
Fit to screen

Tyros 2
Two page view

Commands to navigate and modify display

A complete list of commands: "Go to Page"; "Go to Previous Page"; "Go to Next Page"; "Zoom"; "Fit to screen horizontally" and many more commands are supplied in the help file in the program. Or get the help file here pdf


There are three methods for selecting a music sheet (pdf file) for display in the viewer main window:
• Opening a music sheet from the Sheet List
• Opening a music sheet from a Play List
• Opening a music sheet from the File List

These three methods can be used side by side in the program.

1. Opening a music sheet from the Sheet List

An infinite number of music sheets (pdf files) can be added to the Sheet List.

And even individual sheets in fake book collections can be added.

Displaying a sheet from Sheet List only requires a few keystrokes; e.g. "/2" and "Enter" to open sheet no. 2.

The Sheet List is maintained in the Sheet List Editor.

Sheet List Editor

2. Opening a music sheet from a Play List

In the program the user can create up to 99 Play Lists, each holding an infinite number of music sheets.

The Play Lists are visible in the left side panel in the main Window - opened by "00" and "Enter".

When opening a Play List the first sheet in this list will be displayed. Type e.g. "0002" and "Enter" to open play list no. 2 at the first sheet.

The sheets in the selected play list are visible in the right side panel in the main Window - opened by "03" and "Enter".

Going forwards - or backwards - in this list only requires a few keystrokes; e.g. "01" and "Enter" to go to previous sheet and "02" and "Enter" to go to next sheet... Simple...?

Or even simpler: Type "/" and the song number and press the Enter key to open a sheet.

Or even more simple: Click the mouse at the song title button to select. Or click the "01 Prev." or "02 Next" button to scroll the list...

Main Window Panels
The Play Lists are maintained in the Play Lists Editor. Play Lists Editor
3. Opening a music sheet from the All Lists Window

The view in this window can be:
- all Sheets
- all Play Lists
- sheets in selected Play List

Open a sheet by typing the row number followed be the column number; and hit the Enter key. E.g. 45 + Enter to open 'Blue Eyes'... Simple...?

Or even simpler: Click the mouse at the song title.

All Lists Window
4. Opening a music sheet from the File List

Using this method to open a sheet (pdf file) is much like opening a file in a normal computer system.

But unlike the "normal" method you can use the few keys mentioned above to find and load sheets from your disc drive(s).

Furthermore in this window the selected sheet can be added to the Sheet List and to any Play List.

File List Window

The Music Book Viewer can be operated using the numeric key pad only.

But notice that the editors can not be operated using the numeric key pad only.

The gigging musician will have to prepare the sheet list and the play lists when he prepares his performance.

While performing he can call a pdf sheet using one of the three methods described above.

3.42020-01-01There are no new features. This update is part of securing the program and entails that .Net Framework ver. 4.0 or higher must be installed on the user's computer. Read Get .Net Framework for additional information.
3.32017-12-02No new features. Minor changes in User Interface.
3.22013-09-01Minor changes in the Sheet List Editor Window.
Improved system for highlighting in Play List Panels.
Improved button text length in Play List Panels.
Improved error handling.
Minor design changes and code revisions.
3.12013-08-26Fixed reported focus problems at some systems when starting the program.
Minor changes in the Main Window and in the Commands Window.
3.02013-08-25New features and improved operation when using "Play Lists" and in the "All Lists", the "File List" and the "Sheet List Editor" windows.
Improvements in Play Lists in the Main Window:
- Mouse operation implemented
- Selections in Play List Panels are highlighted
- Scrollable Play List Panels
Improvements in All Lists Window:
- Mouse operation implemented
Improvements in File List Window:
- Add selected sheet to the Sheet List
- Add selected sheet to a Play List
Improvements in Sheet List Editor Window:
- 'Add Sheet' in File menu now supports multiselection of files
- While adding sheets (a single sheet / more sheets / all sheets in a Folder) those can be added to a Play List too
- New Play Lists can bee added here too
Minor bug fixes.
2.52013-07-27Improved compatibility with systems running more .Net Frameworks.
2.42012-06-09Added a "All Lists" window for fast access to sheets.
2.32012-05-27Automatic handling of invalid entries in the Sheet List; and in the Play Lists.
2.22011-11-10A number of commands added for foot switch control.
2.12011-10-11Support for running at 64 bit Operating Systems.
2.02011-09-28Up to 99 Play Lists can be created each holding an infinite number of songs.
User notes - e.g. performance settings - can be added to each music sheet.
All pdf files in folders can be imported (beside single file import).
Copy functions makes addition of sheets in Fake Books easier.
Commands in File List Window simplified.
Side panels for controlling Play Lists.
New Commands window.
View menu added. Defines and saves User Interface size setting.
Added shortcuts to most used file operations.
Extensive code revisions.
1.122010-09-16Added saving of Book Editor Views as PDF document.
Bugs repaired.
1.112010-08-22Errors in sorting order method in the list of books ("MBVbooks.pdf") corrected.
Help file improved.
1.102010-08-02The sorting order in the list of books ("MBVbooks.pdf") is now equal to the sorting order in the Book Editor.
1.92010-07-29Faster shortcut for Next Page and Previous Page, i.e. only one key to trigger these functions.
Show file name only in the Book Editor - omitting the File Path (toggle between the 2 options).
Four digit numbers in the Book Editor allowing up to 9999 books.
When selecting book any trailing zero's can be omitted, i.e. command "/34" is equal to "/0034".
Alphabetically Book Editor column sorting described in the Help file.
1.82010-02-03Save locations for user settings file and log files have been changed due to permission problems in Windows Vista and Windows 7 in some configurations.
1.72009-11-23Selecting files to display from a new File List Window.
New display mode: Two pages side by side.
View for wide screen monitors has been optimized.
Online program version checking.
1.62009-11-14Updated to compatibility with Acrobat Reader ver. 9.
1.52009-03-01Help file added.
Added multilingual Online Help. Accessible from within the program, and from this page.
1.42008-06-08 The previous version was not compatible with Acrobat Reader ver. 8. This one is.
Scroll down/up methods have been optimized for normal screens - and wide screens as well.
.Net Framework ver. 2 is now required
1.32008-03-09Small fixes:
The program is renamed to "Music Book Viewer"
Minor changes in the Help file
Minor changes in the user interface
1.22008-03-05Small fixes:
Books are numbered using a 3 digit number to allow better sorting. The existing internal data file is updated automatically.
Better handling of invalid commands.
1.12008-03-04Small fixes:
Internal file list was not updated instantly when adding new books. Now it is. No need to restart the program.
Filter in File Dialog set to only show pdf files when adding new books to the book list.
When recalling a book (without giving a page number) it did open at the last page shown. Now it opens at the first page.
1.02008-03-04 First public release
Legal Stuff

Music Book Viewer
© 2008- Jørgen Sørensen.
All Rights Reserved.

You should carefully read the following terms and conditions before using this program.

Copyright laws apply to this program, and the copyright holder retains all rights. The program must NOT be altered or decompiled nor included as part of another system or program without permission from the holder of copyright. Uploading to web sites or file servers or inclusion at cd's, copying to other persons etc. is strictly prohibited.

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