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Style Unlocker is a software program for making style files editable in the Style Creator

This program will unlock not-editable (in the Style Creator) instruments channels in preset style files.

As the preset styles cannot be edited at all, you will have to save a copy of the preset style and save it as a user style.

Now run this copy through this software program; load the style in the keyboard again; and the style will be editable in the keyboard Style Creator.

The program reads and unlocks all Yamaha style file formats. One file individually or a folder holding style files.

A style can hold up to 16 source channels that are redirected in the instrument to the 8 destination channels corresponding to the accompaniment parts.

If a destination channel has only one source channel, the data is editable if flag is "yes". However, editing is not possible, if more than one channel is involved.

The only possible way to edit the style is to edit the MIDI part in a software sequencer computer program.

Before doing this, use my Style Split and Splice software program to split the style file in a "MIDI file" and a "non-MIDI file". Then edit the MIDI file in a sequencer program. And at last splice the two files to a style file.

There are some un-documented feature in the keyboard OS which will not allow unlocking some style files totally or partly. This is beyond my control.
Style Unlocker