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Program Operation

The software program will in

- menu File -> Open File(s) open one or more style files. To open more files press Ctrl-key while selecting files. Only files having valid Yamaha file extensions will be shown.

- menu File -> Open Folder open a folder of files. This folder is the Source folder. After selecting this the program will ask for at folder to save the converted files into, known as Destination folder. This will prevent overwriting the source files. If you wish a new Destination folder this can be created.

- menu File -> Open Conversion Data File open the file containing the conversion scheme.

To activate the program either File(s) or Folder must be selected AND a Conversion Data File must be selected.

To run the program press button Change Voices now!

The program will read voice definitions in the first initializing measure of the style file only.

If File(s) is selected, the familiar Save dialog will now appear.

If a folder of files is selected, these are automatically saved in Destination Folder.

A messagebox will appear when conversion is done and the files are saved.

Exit the program either by clicking the "Exit" button; or "Exit" under File menu; or by pressing Ctrl + X; or by pressing X in the upper right corner.

As full error handling is NOT implemented the program will crash if any of the files are misformed, e.g. not complying to the MIDI standard, empty, etc. If this happens try again one file at the time...

Conversion Data File

The conversion scheme must be saved in a plain text file, having the "txt" file extension. Use Note Pad or similar program for creating these files.

The format is 9 digits; a semicolon and 9 digits. See example below.

The 9 digits are 3-digit Prg#, 3-digit MSB-value, and 3-digit LSB-value for both original and converted voice values. All values are 0-indexed = values 0 - 127.

Conversion Data File Sample

First line: Old Prg=17 - Old MSB=127 - Old LSB=8 ; New Prg=5 - New MSB=62 - New LSB=1


PS: The program will read the voice definitions above; and will stop reading when an empty line in the file appears. Therefore there must be NO empty lines in the definition area. And therefore your own comments can be added after an empty line, just like this comment!

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