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Program Operation

First select files to the set list from Windows Explorer. Multi selection is possible while holding down the Ctrl-key.

Drag the selection and drop it into the File Organizer using the keyboard mouse.

Continue with selection from the same folder; another folder; another drive...

Sort the selected files by highlighting a file and use the 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' buttons.

Select a Save Folder. It is possible to create a new folder during this operation.

The program suggests a file prefix as the Save Folder Name followed by an ascending number and the original file name.

The suggested file name prefix can be changed as the user like; while the number cannot be changed.

Click button 'now!' to save a COPY of all the selected files in the selected Save Folder.

The files are now renamed to e.g.:
• Love10-Yesterday.mid
• Love11-Crazy.mid
• Love12-Delilah.mid

Clicking the 'Remove' and the 'Remove All' buttons will remove file(s) from the list. Original files are NOT deleted nor changed.

File Number Settings menu

• Select the max. capacity in each serie of files, e.g. a set list.

1 digit number: 10 files (0-9)
2 digit number: 90 files (10-99)
3 digit number: 900 files (100-999)
4 digit number: 9000 files (1000-9999)

This will keep the file names as short as possible!

File List menu

A text file containing the file names of all files in a set list can be created. Notice that the set list must be saved in the first place!

Help menu

• Online Help, Technical Help, Check for new Version, Registration and About.