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The features in Yamaha keyboard style files have changed over the years.

The most important differences are:

Models Genos Tyros 3/4/5
PSR S9x0
PSR S7x0
PSR S6x0
PSR A3/2000
CVP 7/6/5xx
Tyros 1/2
PSR S900
PSR S700
PSR S550
PSR 3000
CVP 4xx
PSR 2x00
PSR 1x00
PSR 9/8000
PSR 7/640
PSR 7000
PSR 620
Style File Format SFF2 SFF2 SFF1 SFF1 SFF1 SFF1
Revo Drums Yes No No No No No
GE Guitars Yes Yes No No No No
CASM section Format 2 2 1 1 1 (old) 1 (old)
Mega Voices Yes Yes Yes No No No
OTS and MDB sections Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
.sty file extension only No No No No Yes Yes
Max. MIDI resolution 1920 1920 1920 1920 1920 480

Revo Drum Cleaner converts SFF2 Genos to the "normal" SFF2 format.

Style Format 2 Converter converts "normal" SFF2 to the newest SFF1 format. SFF2 is also known as SFF GE.

Style Old Format Converter converts newest SFF1 to various older SFF1 sub formats.

If a SFF2 format style has to be converted to run at an older keyboard using CASM section format 0, e.g. PSR 9000 follow this procedure:
• Convert the style file in the "Style Format 2 Converter" program
• Then convert the converted style file in the "Style Old Format Converter" program while setting the appropriate parameters

If a Genos SFF2 format style, then convert using the "Revo Drum Cleaner" program in the first place.