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This site is dedicated to Yamaha keyboard players - and to musicians generally.

At the site you will find my keyboard and music software programs; my keyboard styles; and my articles about keyboards and music related topics.

Besides this you will find links to Yamaha keyboard related resources: styles; forums; software; resources sites; utilities; and technical data specifications.

Also included are links to music related web sites; music lessons and theory; music software; MIDI files; sheet music; songwriting; and music software programming.

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January 16

Added to Software Page

Style Extractor zip

January 10

Added to Programming Page

Top 20 NuGet MIDI Packages

January 5

New version of Software Program Manager software available.
New version handles incompatibilities in the listed software programs version numbering.
Update recommended.

January 1

4 new software programs have been released. These programs are small utility programs doing rather specific jobs.

Style Add Copyright - Add or change Copyright notice in style files.

Style MFD Extract - Get song titles vs. style numbers from Music Finder data files.

Style Voice Change - Change style voices one-by-one or in batch.

MIDI Out Setup - Set up MIDI device for playback.

All my 40 software programs have been updated; but there are no new features. The update is part of securing the programs for the future and entails:

- for .Net based programs:
.Net Framework ver. 4.0 or higher must be installed on the user's computer. Read Get .Net Framework for additional information.

- for Java based programs:
JRE (Java Runtime Environment) ver. 8 or higher must be installed on the user's computer. Read Get JRE for additional information.

Added to Danish Music Page

Folkets Hus Spillefolk

Spillemandskredsens Nodemappe


Gratis kirkemusiknoder


Added to Software 1 Page

Sonic Immersion | Genosys 1.3

News from 2019



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