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General Music Software

Although a lot of editing etc. of styles, registrations etc. can be performed in the keyboard, many prefer to use computer software for these tasks.

During the years a number of hobby programmers have created a lot of fine software programs.

This page lists software designed especially for the Yamaha Genos, Tyros, PSR, CVP, DGX, YPG and YPT range of keyboards.

MIDI Editors and Viewers MIDI and Style File Checker MIDI and Style Player MIDI Formatter MIDI Mega Voice Cleaner MIDI Note Event Cleaner MIDI Revoicer Single Note Volume Changer


Midi Player II




Midi Rename

Midi Clean

Midi Mix

PSR Midi Control

Chord Looper - MIDI System Settings

Text Editors and Viewers Song Books Manager Lyrics Finder Music Book Viewer Text Formatter Image To PDF

Open Text



Text View

Midi To Lyric

Yamaha Software - German site Song List

Yamaha software and updates

Android Apps for Yamaha

Musicsoft Downloader

Yamaha SOL: XG Works, SQ01, VST etc.

USB Driver for keyboards

Yamaha Software

XF Tool zip

XG Format Checker zip

XG Bulk 2 Event zip

XG Viewer zip

Yamaha Visual Arranger (Rather old)

Yamaha Software (Rather old)

Misc. Programs Software Program Manager File Organizer Voice Finder


PadMaker Midi

PadMaker Style

Cubase Patchname Scripts


Ins File Checker


Tyros HD copy Tool

Misc. Utility Files

XG Works Parameter Edit zip

XG Editor Parameter Edit zip

Patches 740 PT zip

Patches 740 WJ zip

Patches 9000 PT zip

Patches 9000 WJ zip

9000 & GN Mixer zip

CakeWalk Studioware zip