This page contains information about current issues with installing and using my software programs; as well as the use of this site.
Issue #6: About conversion

Conversion can be a one-to-one conversion, such as conversion of miles to kilometres, or Fahrenheit to centigrade. Such conversion can be carried out without loss of accuracy.

But conversion may require pre-processing or post processing to get the best results, most often performed manually. Think of converting images to other formats. To get the best result colour balance, contrast etc. should often be adjusted manually afterwards. Just like translation with e.g. Google. Results are usually somewhat understandable, but not perfect. Here you will also need manual finishing.

The same goes for converting with these 1-click programs. The result of the conversion is useful - and in many cases fully enough - for the average user. But if the end result has to be 100% correct, there must be manual finishing in more advanced programs.

Issue #5: Searching for "javaw.exe" file

This information applies to the Java-based software programs listed at My Software.

Some users have experienced problem when running Java-based programs the first time. Their system claims, that it can not find the "javaw.exe" file.

Normally the javaw.exe file is stored within the folder "C:\windows\system32".

If javaw.exe is NOT in this folder, this MIGHT be causing the problem.

The EASIEST solution is to locate "javaw.exe" in the file system; probably "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\(jre version)\bin" - (jre version) is e.g. jre1.8.0_31

Now CREATE A COPY of "javaw.exe"; and place it in the "C:\windows\system32" folder. This will most probably solve this problem.

Sorry, it is so complicated; but the Java-installers from Oracle does not do a proper job. Much better in the old SUN days...

More Technical Help for Java programs

Issue #4: Updating to Windows 10

This information applies to midi2style software and probably other software programs listed at My Software.

For some yet unknown reason these software programs will not start at computers which have been updated to Windows 10.

However, this problem will not occur at new Windows 10 installations.

The problem can be solved by deleting the program's initializing file - if midi2style software: midi2style.ini.

This file is typically located in the C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\jososoft\ folder.

After deletion of this file, the program will most probably start.

I am investigating this problem, but have not yet found the cause!

Issue #3: The Norton / Symantec WS.Reputation.1 False Positive

This information applies to all software programs listed at My Software.

Some users of my programs have received a warning from their Norton program. This program evaluates software based on user feedback.

My programs do not get much feedback; and therefore assess Norton my programs as unknown - and potentially dangerous.

Norton does not even test the software, they just judge it as potentially dangerous. In my eyes it is not a particularly serious behavior from Norton's side.

Read more here and test my programs

at McAfee SiteAdvisor or

at VirusTotal

Issue #2: Using Internet Explorer

This information applies to users running Internet Explorer.

If you use one of the newest versions of Internet Explorer for viewing this site you will NOT see all content at the pages unless you allow scripts to run at your page.

My site use JavaScript to generate common content: Page header (incl. the menu system and the translation service) and page footer (incl. "Tip of the Day" and "Software of the Day"); and in rare cases some of the content too, e.g. My MIDI Sites.

The JavaScript is 100 % harmless, I guarantee. So come on, allow scripts, and you will get the full experience of browsing this site.

Issue #1: Help - I need data

This information applies to all users.

For a complete update of my software programs, I need a lot of data.

Most can be found in the manuals; but some data is not public.

Therefore I need assistance from keyboard owners to reveal the secret and hidden data.

Read more about the data I am searching here.